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Junior Church

Junior Church is offered for ages 3-5 and 6-12

Our 3 - 5-year-old are using The Beginner's Bible. Together we learn about the Love of Jesus.  Most weeks, the kids watch a short video, read a bible story, have a snack, and do a craft, game, or activity related to the story they read. 

Our 6-12-year-old are using Airship Genesis Bibles.  Each week the kids watch a short video, Read the related scriptures in our Bibles and discuss the big picture relating to the scriptures read.  Together we learn about the Love of Jesus.   We wrap up with an activity and snack. 

For parents with Children under 3 years old the nursery is open and you are able to watch the service from there.  We do hope to grow this ministry and in time have staff that will stay with your children in the nursery.  Anyone interested in helping us make this program happen please see Pastor Ben. 

Young Volunteers

Youth Group

Ages 13 -18

Every Sunday 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Students in Middle and Highschool have so many things to keep them on the go.  We want help to learn, grow and be grounded in Christ.  Learning to serve Christ, and spread the Gospel. 

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